Yessica Martinez - Power Lifter


As the gals of Girls Gone Strong ( exemplify, strength training does not turn women into muscle bound hermaphrodites, rather, it is a wonderful tool to help women reach their physical potential both in terms of athletics and aesthetics.


Yessica Martinez is an excellent ambassador for the strength trained female athlete. Beautiful and bright (she is a full-time student at Florida International University), she excels in her chosen sport of powerlifting with current unequipped bests (using no special equipment to aid her lifts) of a 305 lbs squat, 180 lbs bench press, and 320 lbs deadlift all at a body weight of 132 lbs!


Yessica has only begun to tap into her strength potential and we look for great things from her in the future.

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Twitter: YesMart_PL

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