What we have planned for Wannabebig in 2010

With 2009 closing in, we wanted to take a few moments to let you know what we have planned for Wannabebig in 2010. (And why we did what we did in 2009!)

Man, we are gonna rock 2010.

2010 – Content, Content, Content

First off, to show we’re serious about content, you’re going to get a brand new article every Monday. We’ve been quietly working on this for the last few months and have built connections with some first class writers and have lots of great articles lined up.

The first one will be published on Monday Jan 4th 2010 and is a brilliant one to start the year off with how we plan to go on – ‘Pre Contest Nutrition – An Interview with Shelby Starnes’. Shelby is a successful National-level Bodybuilder & Powerlifter and has helped hundreds of athletes get into the greatest shape of their life. You’re not going to want to miss this one; it’s packed with some great info.

The aim is to double the frequency to two articles a week around the middle of the year and perhaps towards the end of the year get closer to the ultimate goal of four to five articles per week. All, whilst maintaining the high level of quality you’ve been used to over the past few months.

You’ll still receive the Wannabebig Serious About Muscle Newsletter, once every two weeks and our main focus with this will be making sure that it is an enjoyable read with exclusive mini articles. Our aim is to move to weekly newsletter issues around the middle of the year. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so here.

We will also be launching the New Wannabebig Training Program around May 2010 which is going to be epic…  Wannabebig contributor, Daniel Roberts has developed a system which will help you pack on the most amount of muscle mass in the shortest period of time. And to top it off, fifteen lucky members will get the chance to be part of a small, select group that will get exclusive, early access to the program and 121 coaching for a twelve week period. We’ve already received over 150 applications so watch this space for more news.

We haven’t forgotten about the community. We’ll be attracting even more professional athletes and experienced/knowledgeable members to the forums with a particular emphasis on bodybuilding to help even things up a little (in 2009 we saw a huge increase in our Powerlifting Forum). We’ll also be looking to run more competitions like the Strongest of the Weak Competition we ran in November which saw $1000 worth of prizes /cash handed out.

As you can see, some really ambitious plans for 2010 which will help provide you with more and better information to get the most out of your training.

As usual, we’re always interested to know what you want to see – if you have any suggestions or feedback, post it in our suggestions and feedback forum

I also wanted to explain why we did what we did in 2009 and how specifically it lays the foundation for an awesome 2010. (Yes, there is a method to our madness!)

2009 – Laying the Foundation

In January 2009, Chris and I had a long discussion about where we ultimately wanted to take Wannabebig. It was a bit of a make or break conversation because we felt we had been treading water for a year or so and we needed to define a clear direction for Wannabebig’s future.

After thrashing it out, we both agreed on two key objectives.

Firstly to establish Wannabebig as a genuine leader in fitness content and secondly continue to develop the community.

Taking the first point, genuine is the key word there. There are a huge amount of content/blog websites out there, but only a small amount of websites stand out as being true leaders in their field. 
Quite frankly, anyone can start a website and reprint information from others on a regular basis, but this just puts you in the same place as 99.9% of the websites out there and we didn’t want to be part of that group. We want Wannabebig to compete with the best out there.

Essentially we needed a brand new website that looked and functioned MUCH better. Even if we had the best content in the world, no one was going to read it if it was a pain in the ass to read. We needed to do a few other things too – attract the best authors, consistently publish 4-5 innovative, high quality, exclusive articles per week and send out a quality (worth reading) newsletter once a week And… All entirely FREE.

Wow…..it seemed like a daunting task because if we were to be honest with ourselves, we were a million miles away from this. We had a below-par website and were randomly publishing articles, often not even 1 per month and we didn’t have a newsletter. It was going to take a lot of time, effort and investment and we sure weren’t going to get there in one year, but we were up the challenge.

Immediately we started planning out what we needed to do to get the website into good shape and in April 2009 we launched the new version of our website which not only had a brand new design, it was now easy to find and read the content you wanted.

Wannabebig – Before (Left) and After (Right) – No Comparison!

We also started to focus on attracting new writers and publishing high quality, exclusive articles aswell as launching a new newsletter. Our first goal was to consistently publish one article and one newsletter every two weeks, which we have done since June 1st 2009.

Whilst content was our biggest priority, continuing to develop the community was also a key focus for us. We needed to improve the day to day running of the forums and to also attract the biggest and strongest people to be part of the community.

We started off by putting Travis Bell in charge of running the forums on a day to day basis which turned out to be an awesome decision. Travis is incredibly fair, honest and level headed – skills which are crucial for being a leader of an online community. We couldn’t have hoped for a better guy to take the reins and he’s doing a great job. A huge thank you also goes out to our moderator team for making Wannabebig community a GREAT place.

We also started sponsoring (through AtLarge Nutrition) and attracting professional powerlifters and bodybuilders and even just browsing the forums for 10 minutes, it’s hard not to interact with some of the strongest guys on the planet who are up for helping and giving advice where they can.

AtLarge Nutrition sponsored Athletes and Wannabebig Forum regulars – David Trantham (Left) and Tom Mutaffis (Right)

And lastly, Thank you for making Wannabebig what it is

Wannabebig is what it is today because of you and your support.

YOU read and comment on the articles which helps motivate us to keep doing more and more.

YOU being part of the community helps make the forums an informative and fun place to be.

And for those that have made AtLarge Nutrition your choice for your supplement needs, this is the key behind us being able to keep Wannabebig moving forward. Sometimes it’s hard to put in perspective the time and money that goes into not only just keeping Wannabebig online but also publishing content every week – our monthly bill for this is roughly around $5000. per month.

Yes, you read that right!

To keep Wannabebig running on a quality dedicated server, to keep improving the functionality of the site, to attract the best writers, to sponsor the biggest and strongest people out there to be part of the community and to run competitions with awesome prizes, you can see how it all adds up.

Therefore, we would really urge you if you haven’t already to check out www.atlargenutrition.com in 2010.

We’ve gone to great lengths to provide the absolute best products that will enable you to get more out of your training. By becoming an AtLarge customer you not only get no nonsense, high quality products but you also play a huge hand in supporting Wannabebig.

Thanks for taking the time to read and we wish you a successful and healthy 2010.

Daniel, Chris and the Wannabebig Team

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