AtLarge Nutrition supports our troops 100%.

We at AtLarge Nutrition appreciate and respect the work of each and every man and woman in the United States armed services.

As a small token of that appreciation and respect we offer a special discount (10% off your entire order regardless of size) to all active members of the US Military. To receive this discount, enter your military shipping address with “State” as either Armed Forces (AA), Armed Forces (AE), or Armed Forces (AP) and apply the coupon code “MILITARY”

*** 04/30/2012 – We have decided to also extend this offer to retired military personnel. You will simply have to verify your status as such when requesting the code and we will provide it to you. Thank you for your service to our country!

IIf your residence is anything other than a military address simply send us an email using your military email address. If you do not have a military email address contact us and we will make alternative arrangements for proof of your active duty status.

Thank you again for your service!


3 thoughts on “MILITARY DISCOUNT

  1. Lowmoto4 says:

    I am Air Force Reserve, so I am only on a military network one weekend a month. I tried to get to my military email from home, but it is not working. (I can log in to the portal)

    I am, and I was able to use the military discount in the past with your old website because I had emailed you from the military network. Is there any way to check the records and see I’m eligible for the discount?

    Lowell Hull
    Personal Email –

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