Killer Quads by Julia Ladewski

Killer Quads

By Julia Ladewski

Julia has built some quads!
Julia has built some quads!

Over the past two years, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to growing my quads. My powerlifting training history had made me very strong, but decidedly lacking in the hypertrophy department. For the past two years I have spent a great deal of time practicing exercises and exercise combinations which elicit hypertrophy.

Time under tension is one of the main keys to increased skeletal muscle mass, and that has been a focus. The following is a list of workouts I used to build up mass in my quads. These workouts do not include direct hamstring work, but rather focus on the quads.

Lean and not mean :)
Lean and not mean 🙂

Workout #1

*SS Yoke Bar(TM) Squats


*SS Yoke Bar(TM) Reverse Band Squats


Banded Leg Extensions

3 sets of high rep near failure

Workout #2

Squats w/ 1 chain

14 sets of 3, short rest to encourage lactic acid formation

Front Squats

2×15, 1×25

Chain Lunges

24 with chains then 24 without chains, 3 sets

Workout #3

Manta Ray Squats

work up to heavy set of 5, then drop set of 10 reps, then drop set of 15 reps

Leg Press


Sissy Squats


Workout #4


4×8 with 3 second eccentric (lowering phase)

Front Squats- ascension set

5 reps at each ascending weight, 4 total sets

Only rest is to change the weights

Heavy Dumbbell Lunges-

4×8 each leg

Workout #5

Yoke Bar squats w/ 2 sets of chains

work up to heavy set of 5.

Then drop a chain and do 5 more reps.

Then drop another chain and do 5 more reps.

Then drop the weight in half and do 10 more reps.

Giant Cambered Bar front squats

5×10 with 45 seconds rest

Banded Leg Extentsion

10 reps at each band resistance (use 3 resistances)

Workout #6

Yoke bar Anderson squat


Bulgarian split squat (front foot elevated)

3×12 w/ chain and DB’s

Reverse band squats

1 giant drop set of 10, 10, 10

Workout #7

Banded Squats

worked up to a tough set of 8, then did 3 sets of 3 with little rest.

Front squats


Supersetted with

Band Leg Extensions


Workout #8

Front squat

work up to difficult set of 10

Reverse Band Yoke 1.5 rep squats (down, half way up, down and all the way up)

work up to 3 sets of 8