Hannah Johnson-Hill - Power Lifter

Hannah Johnson-Hill combines beauty, bravery, and brawn into one impressive package.

Shades of Rosie the Riveter
Shades of Rosie the Riveter

Beauty: is self evident…  Not much to be said.


Bravery: is something she has in spades.  Hannah is a full-time firefighter by profession.  There are few vocations that rival firefighting in terms of selfless, courageous actions as an everyday occurrence.


Brawn: is again, self-evident, but also demonstrated with impressive accomplishments in powerlifting.  She has an elite total with 1,200 lbs in the multi-ply gear 148 lbs class.  She has also recently totalled 1,000 lbs raw at 145 lbs which gave her a top 20 all-time total.

She has also competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge which has been dubbed “The toughest two minutes in sports”.  Her first competition was in October of 2014 where she posted a top ten time for the year.

Suffice it to say the future is bright for this lady and we at AtLarge Nutrition want to do our part to help her to reach her goals.

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