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The Concurrent Training Effect Blog #3

To read the first two installments please see the ALN blog page here: The Concurrent Training Effect Blog #3 As noted in our first installment, the concurrent training effect is a mitigation or cessation of the hypertrophy response to strength training when both strength and endurance training are performed concurrently.  Now that we understand […]

ALN Concurrent Training Effect Blog Installment #1

Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we talk?”  So, can we talk?  I want to “talk” to you in this blog about something very important to anyone interested in complete fitness (CrossFitters, this means YOU), and that is building strength and endurance simultaneously. Simultaneously training for both strength and endurance can (and will to some […]


1) You need to foam roll, stretch, and God knows what else to warm-up prior to training. NO!  Was that clear enough?  Crushing your flesh, fatiguing yourself with endless repetitions etc. will NOT decrease your chances of injury, nor will it enhance performance.  With strength training, exercise specific warm-ups are all that are needed.  If […]

Now Operated by Team True Nutrition

We are committed to making AtLarge Nutrition even better! “We saw AtLarge Nutrition as a ‘right fit, right time’ company, and recently joined their team as majority owners. We entered into this collaboration with Chris Mason with the intent of applying the same True Nutrition commitment to product quality and customer service to support and grow the […]

ALN Black Friday Sale – BIG SAVINGS!

AtLarge Nutrition Black Friday Sale! Code: black Save 15% off every supplement we offer! PLUS, GET A PRE-WORKOUT AND BCAA+ FOR ONLY $55.20 – THAT’S A $32.70 SAVINGS!! *Sale ends Friday at midnight P.S.T – NO exceptions   We have just released our Nitrean Natural all-natural protein line (no artificial sweeteners, drug free, grass fed […]

ALN Gobble-Gobble Sale!

ALN Gobble-Gobble Sale! SALE CODE: 241ETS It’s time to gobble up some savings with AtLarge Nutrition! Now through Monday, November 10. Order now while supplies last! Our top selling recovery supplement ETS is unique in the industry. It can enhance general recovery, reduce delayed onset muscular soreness, help with minor joint pain, and enhance the […]

Hypertrophy Specific Training CAN Have a Direct Effect on Maximal Strength

Hypertrophy Specific Training CAN Have a Direct Effect on Maximal Strength by Chris Mason On my drive home this evening my mind wandered as it often does.  During the process I came to what should be an obvious, but was instead a bit of an epiphany, at least at the conscious level, conclusion about hypertrophy […]

Intensity vs. Volume for Hypertrophy (includes a 4 day split routine)

Intensity vs. Volume for Hypertrophy (includes a 4 day split routine) by Chris Mason My last article addressed how to get bigger legs in 30 days using a form of double pre-exhaustion with a very high intensity of effort and low volume.  I addressed how hypertrophy can benefit strength athletes from bodybuilders to weightlifters with […]