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WEAK: Five Lifting Problems Solved!

All too often, I get a new sob story from fellow gym rats complaining about the pain that they’re in. They claim they’re doing everything right: pressing before flies, static stretching between sets, jogging for five minutes on the treadmill before they hit the weights, drinking a liter of water during their workout…all the good […]

Lower Body Warm-Up – 10 Minutes to Better Performance!

In my last article, Upper Body Warm-Up, I provided you with battle-tested upper body warm-up concepts that ensure maximal performance both in the gym and in competition. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to better prepare for your lower body workout days. These Lower Body Warm-up techniques […]

Upper Body Warm-Up – 10 Minutes to Better Performance!

These days, just about everyone from strength coaches to exercise enthusiasts are familiar with the concept of a dynamic warm-up. That said, simply because you are aware of a concept doesn’t mean that you actually understand how to properly apply it. Speaking around the country as a strength coach and educator, I’ve observed that most […]

How Gluteal Atrophy Affects Posture & Performance

As the world has advanced to extreme technological means, sedentary lifestyles have also increased. More people are sitting at desks today than ever before; and as assumed, these same individuals leave work and sit in front of a computer in their homes. As technological advancements have made communication and business more efficient, unfortunately, it has […]

Small Balls That Please – Correcting Soft Tissue Dysfunction

They’re small, squishy and according to many folks, “work miracles at releasing muscle tension.” They’re small balls that please. These tiny bundles of joy work at releasing pent up muscle tension that is often bound up and stored in various areas of the body. If you sit at a desk for a living or travel […]