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Sequence Your Training for Optimal Results

Sequence Your Training for Optimal Results by Chris Mason With the recent massive increase in the popularity of training multiple fitness components simultaneously (CrossFit being the driving force of this movement) the topic of exercise sequencing for optimal results has become particularly poignant. Physical fitness and performance are comprised of many different specific attributes. For […]

AtLarge Nutrition New Product Sale! 02/09/15

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CrossFit Legend Chris Spealler Q&A 2nd Installment

Question: Chris, how do you alter your training immediately following a competition? The competition that you have just completed and the time of year largely dictate the recovery process afterwards. By the way, and to digress from the question for a moment, if you are serious about being competitive in CrossFit it’s a good idea […]

Nitrean Natural Has Launched!

WWW.ATLARGENUTRITION.COM For years our customers have been asking if we planned to offer an artificial sweetener free version of our wildly popular Nitrean series. The answer has always been no, but that answer just changed! As many of you know we have recently begun manufacturing our own products for the first time in our 12 […]

Shock Your Legs!

Time to grow some legs – already got them..? Time to make them even better. This program will shock your entire lower body into growth very quickly. Be warned, it isn’t easy and at times you may feel the urge to quit – don’t do it! If there are two things that stop guys or […]

Intensity vs. Volume for Hypertrophy (includes a 4 day split routine)

Intensity vs. Volume for Hypertrophy (includes a 4 day split routine) by Chris Mason My last article addressed how to get bigger legs in 30 days using a form of double pre-exhaustion with a very high intensity of effort and low volume. I addressed how hypertrophy can benefit strength athletes from bodybuilders to weightlifters with […]

Killer Quads by Julia Ladewski

Killer Quads By Julia Ladewski Over the past two years, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to growing my quads. My powerlifting training history had made me very strong, but decidedly lacking in the hypertrophy department. For the past two years I have spent a great deal of time practicing exercises and exercise combinations which […]