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How to do cardio if you must

As we enter into this, the month of the New Year’s resolution, a common question that hits the boards is “how much cardio should I do to lose this gut/ass” (depending on your particular assignment of X and Y chromosomes). To anyone who knows me, the thought that my lazy, cardio-hating ass would actually sit […]

Mmmmm Fat!

Okay, so I wanted to call this “the Skinny on Fats” – but it’s SOooooo cheesy! (Okay, and it’s been done. A lot.) Undaunted, I tossed around some other possibilities: ‘Grease – The Untold Story,” Rejected. Too “Olivia Newton-John.” Continuing, I tried “Hey Fatty” – but it somehow just didn’t convey my usual academic style. […]

Baby Got Back

This was article was inspired from a conversation I had with Erik Ledin, CSCS, CISSN (Lean Bodies Consulting) a while back. A massive back is a beautiful thing. Like Michelangelo’s statue of David, it is a work of art. Some of the greatest bodybuilders – Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates – all possessed well […]