Like our company, our athlete sponsorships are different, no nonsense if you will. We don’t try to imply that our products are a disproportionate source of our athletes’ success, or that they were a part of lifts or performances that happened prior to the athlete ever being associated with us (yes, a lot of companies do that…). We give you the real story, and here it is:

Many of our athletes were champions or record holders prior to joining our company, but to a man each athlete we sponsor has risen to new heights during their association with us and they feel that AtLarge Nutrition’s supplements contributed to that success.

Our athletes use our products because they CHOOSE to. They seek sponsorship from us, not the other way around (and certainly not for huge monetary contracts). Why do you think the strongest men and women on the planet choose to use our products? They do so for the same reason as you, they are high quality, great tasting products that work as claimed. It’s that simple. We are the real deal, and so are our athletes.

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      If you are talking about the forums training logs they have been deleted. The forums were rife with SPAM and had been stagnant for some time.

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