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Another customer recently contacted us with their personal transformation story.  In his own words: “Hey AtLarge , my name is Garrett Strout. I am a 19 year old amateur bodybuilder. I am 6’2 and 244 pounds.  I am currently prepping for a few competitions in 2015, hoping to do 3 next year. I should be […]

PML for Optimized Injury Prevention & Repair by Chris Mason

Progressive Mechanical Loading for Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention by Chris Mason Progressive Mechanical Loading (PML) is a term I have coined to describe what I have found to be the most effective injury rehabilitation/prevention method in my nearly 30 years in the iron game.  PML is deceptively simple, but as Occam’s razor suggests, the most effective solutions […]

New Year – New You! Rodney did it and so can you with AtLarge!

Rodney H. has been using AtLarge’s products for the past three years and his transformation has been amazing! Rodney is a real AtLarge Nutrition customer who recently sent our owner, Chris Mason, these pictures as a way of saying thank you for both ALN supplements and for Chris’ nutrition advice (Rodney had used the contact […]