Monthly Archives: June 2010

Why You Should Be Skipping Breakfast: The Secrets of Intermittent Fasting

From fat to sickeningly anorexic and all points between, Martin Berkhan has occupied all parts of the physique spectrum. Today, he lives and breathes the life of a natural albeit non-competitive bodybuilder, a feat made all the more laudable provided his unrepentant fondness for cheesecake. He trains only two to three times in a given […]

Getting Big Without the Big Three

A commonly held belief, especially among those on the internet, is that you must squat, deadlift, and bench press if you want to get as big and jacked as possible. It stands to reason. Take a look at successful bodybuilders’ training routines and you’ll find these movements over and over again.  It’s not surprising – […]

Rag on the Mags #1 – Powerlifting USA: May 2010

Before the advent of widespread internet use and things like blogging, there were things called fanzines. Fanzines were mini-magazines made usually on the cheap with low production quality, often on inexpensive pulpy paper, sometimes crudely Xeroxed. In bodybuilding, the late Steve Neece put out a gossip newsletter called Venice Beach Newsletter and Dante Trudel published […]

Pecking Order

His name was Mario, but due to the stupid looking tattoo on his shoulder, I insisted on referring to him as Canario. “It’s a parrot!” he’d yell. “I’m no ornithologist, but it looks like a canary to me. Or maybe a swallow? What are you trying to say by having a swallow tattooed on your […]