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BodyBuilding Principles with Shelby Starnes Vol. 3 – Very Low Carb Diets

Sure, you can always pick up unsolicited advice from your local locker room guru, but what are the chances of it actually being good advice? Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favor. That’s why we gave renowned nutritionist and successful bodybuilder Shelby Starnes his own column to answer your training and dieting questions. You see, […]

Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) – Key Principles to Growth

There’s a reason why the book Eat Less and Exercise More never made it to the top of the bestseller lists, yet “Lift Progressively Heavier Weights and Eat Consistently” is the mantra of every successful lifter. People do not like the simple reality about what it takes to improve their bodies. The depressing truth is […]

Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) – Training Program

So you’ve read the Hypertrophy Cluster Training – Key Principles to Growth and you’ve have gotten this far. You understand what makes muscle grow and what makes a program successful. Here is HCT-12 Training Program. We will start at the beginning and leave no detail unexplained. WARM-UPS They can be boring. Mobility drills, treadmill or […]

Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) – Nutritional Program

You should have by now read the Hypertrophy Cluster Training – Key Principles to Growth and the full details of the HCT-12 Training Program and you’re therefore ready for the nutritional program. The aim of any diet is to provide the necessary calories and macronutrients to support your goals. Determining the amounts is the tricky bit and […]

Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) – Supplementation Program

Now that you’re clear on the Hypertrophy Cluster Training Nutritional Program, we would like to take you through the recommended supplementation program. Following the training and dietary tenets set forth in the HCT-12 program will result in progress that will surprise most, and utterly amaze some. The physical changes that will be realized truly have to […]

Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) – FAQ

We’ve tried to make Hypertrophy Cluster Training as straight forward and as easy to understand as possible. However there are bound to be a few questions that crop up, so we have put together answers to some of the questions we anticipate will be asked. Many of these questions came from our test group who […]