Monthly Archives: July 2009

Eating Optimally for Massive Size and Strength

If one were to poll strength trainees nearly all of them would tell you that testosterone is the most important hormone for size and strength.  Testosterone’s importance cannot be argued, but insulin rivals it in terms of results in the gym and plays an even more crucial role in overall health.  Insulin’s association with blood […]

Q & A with Westside Barbells’ Louie Simmons

Louie Simmons is the owner of Westside Barbell and a living strength training legend! He is one of a very select group of powerlifters who have totaled ELITE in 5 different weight classes and Louie is one of only a couple of men over 50 years of age to have squatted 920 lbs or more, […]

The Turkish Get Up

Any strength den off the beaten path knows about this move. Gyms that subscribe to strength and performance first, where Kettlebells and bumper plates are ubiquitous but searching for a machine of any sort would prove fruitless. Where iron trumps fluff and the ‘smoothie bar’ is a water cooler hiding in the corner, these gyms […]

Nutrient Timing – When Science and Marketing Collide

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman or general strength athlete, there’s an established wisdom about eating and training which never fails – you need a high protein (roughly 1-2g/lb of lean bodyweight), nutrient-dense diet that meets the calorific needs of progressive overload training.  The best training methodologies and diets weren’t created in a lab; they […]