Monthly Archives: January 2009

So You Wannabe a Bodybuilder?

Congratulations on your fine choice! You have decided to become a bodybuilder and live the unique lifestyle it entails. Congratulations! You will look back at it as one of the best and most significant decisions you ever made. From this day forward, many aspects of your life will improve. You will look better, have improved […]

Strongman Technique Series

Technique can be the difference between trophies and injuries in any sport.  This phenomenon is even more prevalent in strongman where extreme loads are coupled with high skill component movements.  The sport of strongman incorporates lifts which are vastly different than most strength trainees normally encounter in the gym.  This can make them an excellent […]

Up Your Bench Press 30lbs in 30 days!

Your reaction upon reading the title of this guide was one of disbelief and curiosity, wasn’t it?  I understand.  There are a lot of people making a lot of promises out there and very few of them pan out.  Your personal gym experience also influences your reaction to the title. You have not experienced such […]