Monthly Archives: June 2006

An Interview with Deadlift Specialist – Brent Howard

Brent Howard (a.k.a. “Sgt. Rock”) is a celebrity of sorts in the powerlifting world. Due to his high online profile and his crowd-thrilling antics when competing or guest lifting Brent has carved a niche for himself in powerlifting. Brent is known as a deadlift specialist. This interview will give us a little insight into Brent […]

Learn From Bob

Few people understand how to train effectively for their goals when it comes to increasing size and strength. The sad truth is that most people who think they’re informed are really misinformed. Whether you’re old or new to the iron game the one thing that is often lacking is knowledge regarding the basic prerequisites to […]

The Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition

Wannabebig: Why was this book written? Mike F & Dr John B: That’s a great question and the answer is simple. Grapplers have a long history of stupid nutritional practices. They’re sometimes better with their training (sometimes not, however). But when it comes to nutrition, grapplers are often worse than anorexic women. As we’ve both […]