Monthly Archives: May 2006

Athletic Performance Roundtable – Things you need to know to become a freaky athlete

Gather three top strength and conditioning coaches for a discussion and what do you get; information that you’d normally never read or hear about anywhere else. Wannabebig was fortunate enough to have Jimmy Smith, Brijesh Patel, and Eric Cressey agree to discuss and answer some questions on how they make their athletes bigger, stronger, and […]

Home Gyms Rule!

If you have read past the title of this article you either agree with it or are strongly opposed, but curious. As you can probably tell, I am biased toward home gyms. In my case, a home gym really means a garage gym, but the idea is the same (home gym, basement gym, garage gym, […]

Methods of Max Effort – Part 2

In part one of this series I covered the following; Multiple Exertion Method, Maximal Concentric Method, Maximal Isometric Method, and the Maximal Eccentrics Method. If I am doing my job then you have gained a little more insight into the Max Effort Method. It can be much more than “maxing out”. This article will cover […]