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Unique design with only 2 pieces. No rubber rings to be lost.
Works like new even after hundreds of washes.
Mixes powders easily and thoroughly.
NEW Sublime Series!!!

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The Turbo Shaker, in our humble opinion, is simply the best shaker on the market. Its simple, yet wonderfully effective design provides for the best durability and longevity as well as superior mixing.

Most shakers have multiple parts, some have rubber rings, and nearly all of them become unusable after a few washes. The Turbo Shaker consists of a lid and the cup itself. That’s it! It virtually will never go bad no matter how many times you wash it. We have shakers at our facility that are years old and still working like new!

Spend a few extra dollars and get the premium shaker available. It’s worth every penny!

* We now have the new Turbo Shaker Sublime! The top threads (instead of snaps) to the cup and incorporates a drinking spout. Both enhancements improve its ease of use and do not compromise its incredible durability. Get one today!


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