Mens Health TNT Diet Book Review

The new TNT (Targeted Nutrition Tactics) Diet book from the good folks at Men’s Health is quite simply the best book of its kind I have ever read.


It covers ALL of the bases (how and what to eat and when to eat it, and how to train) for bodily re composition and optimum health.

It DESTROYS many of the health and fitness myths which are so persuasive in our culture.

It is well written and easy to read. The science is explained in a manner anyone can understand.

What Sets the TNT Diet Apart?

“Diets” fail as a rule. They fail because they are unsustainable. They are not lifestyle changes and they invariably leave the participant feeling hungry, tired, or craving for something the diet restricts. In addition, most diets are hard to comply with. We live in a hustle-bustle world where the majority of us simply do not have the time or inclination to pre-prepare our meals. The TNT Diet overcomes all of these concerns. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and science. With the TNT Diet you do NOT need to count calories. You can even eat at fast food restaurants if you wish.

How Does One Eat on the TNT Diet?

At its core, the TNT Diet controls for carbohydrate intake. The book goes into great detail on the science of why carbohydrate, and thus insulin control, is the key to body fat reduction and overall health.

A reduction in carbohydrates automatically results in an increase in protein and fat intake as a percentage of your overall daily caloric consumption. Low carbohydrate foods are by nature either high in protein, fats, or both. Reduced carbohydrate intake also typically results in reduced overall caloric intake. This is due to a combination of the obvious fact that carbohydrates contain calories and therefore their avoidance will result in less calories consumed, plus the fact that both protein and fats provide greater and more sustained satiety therefore reducing one’s desire to overeat.

The authors lay out 3 time zones (Fat-Burning, Reloading, Muscle-Building) which exemplify the importance of nutrient timing. Each zone is described in detail and specific foods and types of foods which can be consumed during these periods are provided. These 3 zones are then integrated to varying degrees into the 5 (A-E) permutations of the TNT Diet. The 5 variations of the program cover the gamut of individual goals, from plan A for those who are looking to lose more than 20 lbs of body fat and more than 4” from their waists, to those who simply want to lose a small amount of fat and maximize their muscle mass (without gaining fat) with plan E.

In addition to the individual food choices provided, the authors also present a myriad of wonderful TNT compliant recipes which allow you to enjoy a gourmet experience while maximizing body fat loss.

TNT Health

Chapter 12 covers the diet’s potential impact on your health in detail. One of the first topics discussed is that of belly fat and the fact said fat is not just an unsightly nuisance, but rather an active hazard to your health via its ability (visceral body fat in general has this ability) to secrete harmful hormones and hormone-like substances. Unlike other organs which can secrete hormones, visceral fat has an almost unlimited capacity to grow and therefore produce more and more dangerous hormones and wreak greater bodily havoc.

Insulin resistance is also discussed. If you are carrying a large amount of body fat the likelihood that you are insulin resistant or on your way to becoming so is very high. Insulin resistance is the precursor to full-blown diabetes and its myriad of negative health consequences.

Chapter 13 in the book addresses what the authors call The American Paradox. The paradox in question is that an increased intake of saturated fat can result in reduced blood triglycerides and reduced blood cholesterol levels thus lowering the risk of heart disease. We have been told for decades that saturated fat clogs our arteries and that a low fat and thus higher carbohydrate diet is best for heart health. This mantra, which has been perpetuated in both the media and by the health care industry for decades, has its roots in the research of a scientist by the name of Ancel Keys. The authors debunk the misinformation that Mr. Keys and his followers have literally ingrained in American culture. They cite examples which include studies they have commissioned as well as studies conducted by others. They also reference other cultures such as the French and the Masai tribe of Africa who consume high quantities of saturated fats yet enjoy much lower rates of cardiovascular disease than their American counterparts. Finally, they systematically lay out the health benefits of saturated fats.

The balance of the discussion on health encompasses further myth debunking and the incredible turnaround in health that can occur as the result of carbohydrate control and proper exercise.

TNT Training

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to explaining why resistance training is the best form of exercise for both overall health and physical appearance. This is a tremendously refreshing change from the norm which espouses aerobic exercise as necessary for optimal fat loss and health.

The book includes pictures and solid descriptions of how to perform a myriad of exercises to include an excellent body weight warm-up program. In addition, 2 specific training routines (get back in shape and advanced workout) are provided. Just the training information alone is worth the cost of the book. It is that good!


As I said in the initial bullet points, no stone is left unturned in this book. It will literally provide you with everything you will ever need to know about how to eat (what to eat and when to eat it) and how to exercise. Basically, the book is a template on how to live in the physical sense.

I can honestly say that I have never read one single book in the genre which contains such a wealth of information in an easy to comprehend fashion, and is as compelling a read (it truly keeps your attention).

As you can tell, this book had a profound effect on me and I am confident it will do the same for you. I highly recommend you purchase it as soon as possible as I know it will be a huge step towards helping you to realize your physical potential and goals.

You can buy the TNT Diet Book here – Mens Health TNT Targeted Nutrition Tactics (TNT) Book

Written by Chris Mason

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