Peak Submission – An interview with MMA fighter Jody Poff

Jody stands 6’ tall and weighs in at 230 lbs. He has a professional record of 11 wins and 7 losses against some big-time opponents such as Shonie Carter, James Irvin, Atte Baughman, and Sergei Kaznovski. Jody has a black belt in Dragon Kenpo and submissions. He is also accomplished in Muay Thai and kickboxing (trained by Scott Sheeley).

He is a 3-time Dangerzone heavyweight champion and has made numerous television and pay-per-view appearances. Jody is also the manager and coach of the Peak Submission Fight Team and an At Large Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Wannabebig: Hi Jody. Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions. My first one is, how’d you get your start in MMA?

Jody P: Well, one day I was watching the UFC at a friend’s house with some buddies and I just flat out told them that I was going to do that someday. The sport amazed me and I was a kid who loved to fight. I got in trouble a lot and needed something to keep me focused. When I met Jerry Poe, a karate instructor, he took me under his wing and pointed me in the right direction.

How long have you been fighting?

Jody P: I have been fighting my whole life. As a kid, I got beat on by my older brother, and my neighbor, who was a college All American wrestler. So my mom put me in boxing and karate.

I got bored with that and started getting in a lot of street fights as a teenager. Right around that time is when I started martial arts. I have been a professional MMA fighter since November of 1999.

Wannabebig: As a contact sport lots of fighters sustain injuries some which end up sidelining them for good. What kind of injuries have you sustained during your MMA career?

Jody P: I tore my meniscus during a fight in Russia in 2003. I’ve also injured my back many times, and broken my right hand more times than I can count. Not to mention all the torn muscles and ligaments. But as you just said, it’s all a part of being a fighter.

A wicked left hook

Wannabebig: Have you always competed at your current weight or did you move up or down in a weight category?

Jody P: I have always been a heavyweight. I love eating too much to drop weight! But now that I’m with At Large Nutrition I’m on a diet and trying to drop down.

Wannabebig: What does typical day look like for you?

Jody P: A typical day for me is waking up and getting my son ready for school. Then I head to work at Kogge Plumbing & Heating, where I do sales and estimating. After work, I pick up the kids from the babysitter and hang out with them until my wife gets home from work. After dinner, I head to the gym to train for a few hours. When I get home, I spend some time with the family and then go to bed.

Wannabebig: I suppose not everyone has the luxury of training all day long. How do you prep for an upcoming fight (do you do complexes, strongman training, circuit training etc)? Does your training in the gym and conditioning workouts change? If so, how?

Jody P:
I try to eat better when preparing for a fight. I try to detox my body, increase my water intake, and go to my trainer’s gym twice a week. I find that when I stay at my gym, I spend more time training my guys rather than myself. I need someone else to push me, which is what my trainer, Scott Sheeley, does for me. At his gym, we do a lot of mitt training, sparring, and circuit training.

Wannabebig: Everybody nowadays is involved in MMA (is doing it or wants to), what are your thoughts on this and the sport and how rapidly it’s evolving?

Jody P: I think it’s great that everyone is getting involved in MMA. Its about time people are starting to see that this is a sport and not a cock fight. MMA is the most complete sport out there right now, in my opinion. You have to be trained in all aspects of the game, physically tough, and also mentally tough.

Getting ready for the pick up

Wannabebig: What kind of nutrition do you follow during training and do you diet down before a fight?

Jody P: I’ve never really followed a diet before. I just tried to stay away from fast food. Like I mentioned, now that I’m with At Large, I’m on a diet and feel so much better. Who knew?

Wannabebig: What role do supplements play in your training?

Jody P:
Before I was with At Large, none. Now, I use A LOT. ETS helps my muscles recover amazingly well and without soreness. Nitor, well… wow!! It really helps me keep my weight down and gives me all kinds of energy. Opticen… helps regulate my calorie intake. Nitrean gives me the protein I need to build muscle and tastes awesome.

In your opinion what’s the biggest misconception many people have about MMA?

Jody P: The biggest misconception is that it’s a human cock fight. Obviously whoever thinks that has never competed or trained for our sport. There is so much more to it than most people realize.

Wannabebig: In terms of grappling how does Judo/Jiu Jitsu/Sambo/Wrestling all match up with each other in terms of effectiveness for MMA?

Jody P: They all play a big part. They have a mix of great take-down techniques, ground technique and control, and submissions…all great styles of martial arts.


Wannabebig: Do you have any role models/mentors/fighters you respect and/or look up to in the sport of MMA?

Jody P: My role model is FRANK SHAMROCK. I think he is an amazing fighter, a true pioneer of the sport. I can’t wait for his return.

Wannabebig: Jody would you mind completing the following sentences:

Jody P:
Sure no problem

  • Pride FC is full of        Jody P :Monster, maniacs, just plain MEN
  • Georges St-Pierre will be   Jody P: an amazing champion in the UFC and very hard to beat.
  • Peak Submission Fight Team will be    Jody P: the next dynasty team. We will keep growing and people will know we are for real.
  • Don’t mess with FEDOR EMELIANENKO.      Jody P: He is not human. He is impossible to beat and if you are going to mess with him, I hope you have an amazingly big can of WHOOP ASS with you…cause you’re gonna need it.

Wannabebig: All the best to you in your future fights.

Jody P: Thanks.

Written by Maki Riddington

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